Basic Programming Languages


When visiting a simple web page, you can see that there are different distributions and sizes for titles, paragraphs, images, videos and any other element. This structure is established through HTML.


The web developer has full control over the visual characteristics of their web pages, that is, it is possible to change fonts, colors, spacing, sizes, positions, etc., of any HTML element inserted in their pages.


You can very well use JavaScript to help users interact with more dynamism and practicality on web pages. JavaScript can also be used to control the browser, dynamically change the content of a Web page

What is knowledge? Just know. Obvious, but not everyone seems to know that.


learning to code

You probably know the state of our country’s economy, but you are nowhere near the nuances of the whole process that led us to the current situation.

The best way to obtain knowledge is through specialized media that have the proposal to simplify subjects so that we can consume quickly: magazines, newspapers, videos, lectures, workshops, TV and, mainly, podcasts (seriously, I insist on podcasts because it is incredible the number of channels that generate content for specific niches).

Bearing in mind that there is no point in consuming a lot of information at all times if much of it is useless (I’m looking at you, Facebook ). Prize for good quality information and focused on your goals or that do you good.


Cool, you understand that there is a whole wonderful universe to be explored and you really want to find out how to do something useful with it.

If you found out that anyone can make a blog, and you know that it is necessary to know some technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Web Design, etc., you saw some tutorials out there, read some articles, but you still don’t consider yourself comparable to a professional.

Ok, if that is your goal now, time to embark on support materials based on methodology to help you progressively grow in what you want to master, some examples are: college, courses, handouts and books.

Of these three, books are my best teachers. I really like the authors’ ability to go deep into complex subjects in the written media, a good example is the richness of the written stories when comparing the film adaptation.

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Real learning

programming languages

I don’t know if I was clear, but no educational institution or support material will teach you anything, their role is to explain and expose some concepts, but the learning itself is up to you.

The best way to learn is to test and apply the concepts and techniques you have learned. If the skill you want to master is technical, you will need to do some projects using what you have learned until you have the knowledge.

Exercises are cool, but problems never appear isolated, in the real world it is always the context that will tell you how you will need to solve something, so it is important to play in situations and projects that force you to research and practice.

The best way to learn a language is to travel to a place where you have to face language barriers at all times.

As not everyone has the money to do something like this, it is necessary to look for alternatives that are closer to each person’s reality.

The tip I always give when asked how to learn English, is to change the language of the electronics (cell phone, TV, computer …), watch movies with audio and subtitles in the language and always try to read and write in the language ( like a gringo! ).

Your brain will realize the need to memorize the information (muscle or not) and daily practice will bring you closer to becoming an expert!


It takes 10 thousand hours of practice and exposure to a skill to become an expert (Level: genius who goes down in history). Ok, you will have to be very patient, but the good news is that if you love the universe of information that is immersing, 10,000 hours will be pure fun for you and your brain.

If you don’t love or don’t have much interest in what you are learning, give up. Seriously, we are in no way able to learn anything that is not in our interest.