Learn CSS3 Online!

CSS is one of the major elements that make up a website. It is responsible for applying styles to any element on a page and defining how they will be displayed with their respective size, style and color. If you have a lot of content on your site then it is likely that you would like to learn CSS so that you can style it to give it a better look and feel.

Did you know that the best place to learn CSS is online? The W3Schools CSS tutorials are the original and best programming learning resources. They will show you each aspect of CSS and give you the opportunity to try out what you are learning in a simulated script environment.

The first thing that you should do when learning CSS is to set the background to “100% transparent”. This will make the element you are drawing stick out more and will make it easier to see because it will not get blended into the background.

Another important feature that you should learn CSS3 for is creating padding. Placing a border around an image or any other element on your page can help in making the look much better because if you don’t then you will just see a blank white page. To create padding you can use a combination of 2 keywords: border-radius and padding-fill. Using both of these together will create a nice looking border that will go well with your background image.

One very useful trick that you can use when learning CSS is creating a border effect using the 2 pixels of padding around each of your images. You could use this to hide a button on the bottom navigation bar on your site. By changing the border between your days and your image you are making the button invisible so you don’t lose the focus of the viewer.

Finally a very useful tip when learning CSS is to make sure that you always align your code with the top instead of the bottom. This will make it easier for you to see what you are trying to do.